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Outpatient Drug Treatment

Transitional Living in Delray Beach, FL

Transformations Treatment Center:

Located at 14000 Military Trail, in Delray Beach, Florida, Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers an innovative approach to drug and alcohol rehabilitation and treatment.  The facility focuses on Christian tenets and principles while providing clients with the latest and most innovative treatment options for substance abuse problems.  Transformations Treatment Center offers programs for clients which can effectively treat more than thirty types of drug addictions, as well as alcoholism.


Transformations Treatment Center offers clients rehabilitation programs on an inpatient and outpatient basis.  The programs range in duration from 30-90 days in length, and are coupled with a range of diverse therapeutic modalities to suit the needs of each individual client.  With an individualized approach to drug and alcohol treatment, clients are taught the important skills and tools needed to resist the allure and temptations of drugs and alcohol, which are integral to lifelong sobriety.


By using a three-pronged treatment plan for alcohol and drug treatment, the staff of Transformations has years of expertise handling even the worst addiction problems.  With careful consideration regarding the benefits of inpatient and residential living arrangements, the center works diligently to provide the best outcome possible for each client.


Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center provides the following for substance abuse clients:

  • Options for day or night treatment, which are offered in three phases, will help the client beat addiction and learn how to live a healthy, drug-free life once treatment is done.
  • Phase I:  the client attends two counseling sessions weekly, focusing on addiction and identifying the triggers and underlying issues that caused the addiction.
  • Phase II: the client continues to work with counselors/therapists and focuses on life skills courses and learns employment skills.
  • Phase III: the client works to obtain employment, works during the day and attends counseling three evenings per week.
  • Outpatient treatment is provided three evenings per week for those who wish to continue maintaining sobriety after treatment has concluded.
  • Aftercare treatment plans are provided for clients who have concluded a 30-day drug/alcohol treatment program.  Clients gather three times weekly for free sessions, which are provided for a period of one year after treatment has concluded.


Transformations Treatment Center provides a client with many amenities for those in treatment for substance abuse.  The following amenities are offered to clients; fishing, picnic areas, racquetball courts, tennis, swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub, private rooms, high-speed DSL, VCR/DVD TV, a specialized calling plan which includes unlimited local and long distance calling and much more.


Drug Treatment:

Transformations Treatment Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers traditional and Christian-based drug treatment for people who need help winning the war against drugs and alcohol.  Substance abuse engulfs a person mentally, physically, emotionally and psychologically.  When a person is addicted to drugs, there are intense cravings, dependency and tolerance which result.  The side effects of substance abuse can be frightening and painful for the addict, and will vary with severity of abuse.  People can become addicted to drugs for many different reasons and addiction can happen after prolonged use or as quickly as the first time drugs are used. 

Over time and without proper treatment, there are many negative situations that can occur as a result of substance abuse.  A substance abuser can lose family and friends, experience social and financial problems, lose employment and have health-related consequences that can lead to death.  Not all people who use drugs will become addicted, but drugs do not discriminate and addiction can happen to anyone.  Substance abuse and addiction leads a person to seek drugs, break the law and behave in uncharacteristic ways.

Beating substance abuse is very difficult, but not impossible for the addict who genuinely seeks to recover and give up drugs.   With the support and encouragement of rehabilitation specialists, medical professionals, friends and family, many who enter into a faith-based treatment center has received the help needed.  To successfully combat drug addiction, a person must be ready to admit to the problem and seek the assistance of a Christian drug rehab center.  With time and effective treatment, many clients have been able to resist the temptations of drug addiction and achieve lifelong sobriety.  Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers a comprehensive Christian drug treatment program and welcomes those needing to break the crippling cycle of addiction.

Christian Drug Rehab:

One of the best ways to combat substance abuse is by using a Christian drug rehab program offered exclusively at Transformations Treatment Center.  For those who are dealing with drug addiction and failed at secular methods, a faith-based program offers more in terms of spiritual fulfillment and compassion.  A person with addiction problems will oftentimes mistakenly believe they can stop on their own; not an effective way to deal with the situation.  The only way to successfully beat drug addiction is with time and proper treatment at a Christian drug rehab center.

Drug addiction is all encompassing and infiltrates every area of the person’s life.  Substance abuse is a destructive and dangerous situation, but the good news is that with proper rehab addiction can be broken.  Drug addiction can cause serious and negative consequences which include; hepatitis, HIV/AIDS, overdose, secondary infections, coma and eventual death.  Substance abuse is debilitating and requires the expertise of a Christian drug rehab inpatient or outpatient program.  Also provided are group therapy, church sessions, pastoral counseling, prayer meetings, faith-based study groups and more.

When enrolled in a Christian drug treatment program, clients get the chance to build a closer and stronger relationship with God.  Using faith, clients can gain hope and understanding from leaning on other recovering addicts and learn better communication and interpersonal skills.  Secular treatment facilities can only offer so much, more is offered with a Christian drug treatment program, which is why Transformations Treatment Center is such an important asset in the war against substance abuse.

Alcohol Treatment:

Alcoholism is a chronic and destructive disease which makes someone’s body dependent upon alcohol.  When a person is in the throes of full-blown alcoholism the situation creates an obsession with drinking at all costs.  Alcohol dependency is uncontrollable and a person will keep drinking no matter how bad the situation becomes.  It is possible for a person to have a genuine issue with alcohol and not display any of the typical behaviors of alcoholism.  A person can drink alcohol and not actually become addicted; however, the problem is extremely dangerous and requires professional alcohol treatment.

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is proud to offer clients rehabilitation and treatment options which cover a wide range of needs.  Clients are provided with counseling, therapy and life-skills courses along with an intensive and specialized array of programs available for alcohol treatment.  Other services provided by Transformations offer faith-based treatment modalities which focus on Biblical teachings and God.  Every type of treatment offered is designed to facilitate the disease of alcoholism as a whole and addresses and handles every component and issue associated with addiction. 

The experts and rehab specialists at Transformations Treatment Center work with the client to achieve the best possible outcome.  With the help of skilled rehab professionals, alcohol treatment addresses the needs of the client, severity of alcohol addiction, general health of the client, and determines the best plan of action to treat the alcoholism.  Each separate component of alcohol treatment factors into which of the programs offered by Transformations Treatment Center will best suit the client and guarantee the best possible outcome upon conclusion of treatment.

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