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Transitional Living in Delray Beach, FL

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center is a formidable substance abuse rehabilitation facility located in Delray, Florida.  The center provides clients with secular drug and alcohol rehabilitation programs, but provides a specialty in Christian treatment methods.  The services offered through Transformations deals with more than thirty different forms of drug addiction (prescription or illicit), as well as chronic alcohol abuse.

Transformations Treatment Center offers different rehabilitation programs which range from 30-90 days in duration and puts the focus on meeting the needs of each and every client through intensive and compassionate care.  The programs provide clients with a vast and diverse selection of therapeutic options, which allows a person to learn the skills and tools needed to resist alcohol and drugs and maintain a commitment to sobriety.

Providing clients with a three-pronged approach to rehabilitation and treatment, Transformations staff is able to give clients expert care for a comprehensive array of addiction problems.  Upon careful and thoughtful consideration and weighing the benefits of inpatient and transitional living options, the center strives to gives each client the necessary tools and ability to achieve the most positive outcome upon conclusion of treatment.

Transformations Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center offers clients many options for drug and alcohol treatment.  There are day and evening treatment programs designed to take place in three phases and allows people to conquer addiction and prepare for a healthy life outside of the treatment center.  By using three phases of treatment a client gets the best possible care and all the time needed to enable them to put drug addiction and alcoholism in the past and focus on a healthier, better future.

Phase one of the program entails the client getting the opportunity to participate in two weekly counseling sessions, which provides education and awareness for the client.  The second phase sees the client continuing with ongoing therapy and counseling which highlights life skills training and obtaining career building skills.  The third phase includes the client getting a job, working during the day and attending three nightly counseling sessions per week.  Intensive and aggressive outpatient treatment is offered three nights a week for those who desire to maintain sobriety upon concluding treatment.  Also offered to clients is an extensive and comprehensive one-year aftercare program which is free of charge to those who have successfully completed a 30-day treatment plan.

Transformations is a treatment facility which offers top of the line client amenities.  The amenities are designed to remove the clinical aspect of rehabilitation and help the patient adjust to the delicate transitional period of drug and alcohol treatment more easily.  Such amenities include; high speed internet, private rooms, full-sized kitchen, swimming pool, Jacuzzi tub, tennis and racquetball, fishing and much more.

Drug Treatment:

Transformations Treatment Center has both secular and faith-based rehabilitation and treatment programs which are designed to help a client win the battle against drug addiction.  Drug addiction is a non-discriminatory condition which controls a person physically and psychologically.  When a person is struggling with the demons of drug addiction, cravings, tolerance and dependency are commonplace.  When a person stops using the drug of choice it can cause serious, painful and sometimes life-threatening withdrawal symptoms which require medical attention.  People find themselves a victim of drug addiction through no fault of their own and the first time a drug is used can result in someone becoming addicted.

With the proper treatment and given adequate time, the negative consequences and problems that result from drug addiction can be stopped.  Chronic substance abuse can lead an addict to lose their family and friends, experience financial and emotional setbacks and health complications, which can result in death.  Drugs are not something to play around with and addiction is not a casual matter, but one which requires effective and aggressive professional treatment to be beaten.

The journey to sobriety can be grueling and difficult, but with persistence and patience it is a winnable war.  Transformations Treatment center provides exceptional and skills drug treatment programs which invite all those who need professional assistance in breaking the cycle of drug addiction.

Alcohol Treatment:

Chronic alcohol abuse and alcoholism are a disease which makes a person physically dependent on alcohol.  Once a person becomes an alcoholic, they will go to any lengths necessary to be able to consume alcohol.  It is not a condition that can be easily maintained or controlled, even by the strongest of people.  A person will continue to drink excessively all the while negative and dire consequences are being experienced.

Transformations Treatment Center is privileged to offer alcohol rehabilitation and treatment programs which can help even the most severe forms of alcoholism.  By providing a client with 12-step meetings, therapy and counseling, the center is able to give a client a wide array of comprehensive options for those seeking help in breaking the crippling cycle of alcoholism.  Services provided by Transformations can be either secular (traditional) or faith-based and which method works best for a particular client is decided after a thorough medical evaluation and consultation with treatment center specialists.  Either form of treatment is highly successful and deals with the disease of alcoholism as a whole, treating the client on all levels and better securing a positive outcome once treatment is finished.

The prognosis for alcohol treatment is going to depend upon several different factors such as the receptivity of the client, severity of alcohol abuse, overall health and whether or not there is a strong supportive network in place.  Each component plays a large role in the healing and recovery process and better enables a person to resist the temptations and triggers of alcohol and to be successful and acclimate back into society as a whole and sober person.

Christian Drug Treatment:

The best way to treat drug addiction is by using the services of a Christian drug treatment center.  The programs offered at Transformations Treatment Center are skilled and proven to help someone who is caught up in the dangerous and paralyzing cycle of drug addiction.  Using faith-based treatment methods can help even those who have previously failed at traditional treatment programs.  People caught up in addiction will lie and deny the true extent of the problem and the only way to permanently combat the problem is with the person seeking treatment and learning how to resist drugs.

Drug addiction affects every single area of life and the negative consequences are far-reaching and devastating.  People with drug addiction face many preventable health complications such as secondary infections, respiratory distress, hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and accidental death by overdose.  Addiction is a debilitating disease and help can only come from entering a professional treatment center and enrolling in an inpatient or outpatient program.  A Christian drug rehabilitation and treatment facility offers clients 12-step meetings, prayer groups, church sessions, pastoral counseling and other modalities which enhance the treatment experience and maximize the chances for a positive outcome.

When attending a Christian drug treatment center, clients get the chance to build a closer and more personal relationship with God and experience divine forgiveness and grace.  By utilizing faith and hope, a faith-based treatment program gives the client skills, responsibility and the ability to form positive coping skills to resist the temptations of drugs.  There are more than just traditional rehabilitation services provided by a Christian drug treatment center than what is offered at a secular facility.  Transformations Treatment Center has shown many former addicts how to walk with God on the personal journey to healing and recovery and enabled them to grow spiritually and embrace everlasting sobriety.

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